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<Treatment to enhance natural healing power>

We will help you to enhance the natural healing power that everyone originally has.


"The place where the symptoms appear is the result, not the cause."


The body is connected by muscles, fascia, skeleton, etc.

In the treatment, we adopt the treatment method based on the characteristics and connections of muscles and fascia and anatomy.

Therefore, we will identify and approach the muscles associated with pain, not the painful area.

Therefore, you don't have to treat your lower back because you have low back pain, and only your knees because you have knee pain, and migraine headaches also check the balance of your entire body.


We try to apply the minimum necessary stimulus, so we do not push or knead it strongly. Therefore, you can receive the treatment regardless of age or gender.


Due to the characteristics of muscles, strong stimulation can be harmful to your health.


Also, we are not just aiming to get rid of your pain.

After removing the pain, we will perform maintenance in stages to create a healthier and more comfortable body.


The current pain is a result of many years of accumulation, so even if it seems to have improved with the first treatment, it will return to normal after a few days.

That's because your brain remembers a painful, distorted body.

To improve it, we recommend that you continue to maintain your body on a regular basis.


Let's get rid of the pain first. After that, regular maintenance will help you build a healthy and comfortable body.

Treatment flow

■ Treatment time ■

◎ First time: Approximately 60 to 80 minutes (First time, we will conduct sufficient interviews and tests to confirm the cause of pain before the treatment)

◎ Second and subsequent times: Approximately 40-60 minutes

≪Questionnaire / Counseling Entry≫

First, fill out a questionnaire about "chronic pain" to understand your condition.


After that, I would like to ask you in detail about chronic low back pain from the perspective of "where, how, and when it hurts."


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us until you are satisfied.



≪Physical condition inspection≫

We will investigate the cause of chronic low back pain based on the information we heard in questionnaires and counselling. What movements cause pain? Examine the balance of the pelvis.


Here you will find out what caused your pain and what became your current condition.


I've done some testing so far, but I'll explain why back pain appeared, the real cause, and how to get rid of it. In this process, we find out the true cause of your "chronic back pain".



≪Explanation of treatment policy≫

I will explain your current physical condition.


We tell you how your body is balanced and why it causes pain.


Treatment begins after your symptoms are known.

≪Start of treatment≫

It's not a twisting or kneading massage, but a gentle treatment that uses the palm of our hand to touch your body.

It is a soft and comfortable treatment, so you can relax and receive it.

≪Confirmation after treatment / Precautions for daily life≫

Perform the test again to see the changes before and after the treatment.

We will tell you what kind of treatment you will perform in the future and at what pace you should go to the hospital. In addition, we will tell you what to look out for in your daily life and how to stretch and do gymnastics so that you can improve your pain yourself.


Also, please tell me all the questions you have at this point.

We will take care of you for consultation.

≪End of treatment≫

It is completed after payment and make next reservation.

If you have any concerns about the procedure or your back pain, please feel free to ask a question.


We will do our best to make you feel "this pain will be managed!".


I understand your "chronic low back pain" more than any orthopedic surgery, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, and manipulative treatment, and I will treat it with the goal of improving the pain by careful treatment.

<7 Reasons to Choose Our Clinic>

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose our clinic:


Reason 1: We clarify the true cause of low back pain and provide radical treatment.


Reason 2: We have the skills to identify the cause of low back pain based on the patient's condition.


Reason 3: We operate on a complete reservation system, so there is no waiting time. We won't waste your precious time.


Reason 4: We provide information on self-exercises to help you maintain a pain-free body.


Reason 5: We treat our patients in private rooms, creating an environment where you can freely discuss any concerns you may have.


Reason 6: We specialize in chronic pain and understand why "pain" occurs. You can trust us to provide expert care.


Reason 7: We take full responsibility for treating your symptoms from start to finish.


I would like to help those who have not seen improvement with temporary treatment at a hospital or chiropractic clinic, or who have not seen improvement anywhere.

I want everyone I care about to live a happy, pain-free life. That's what makes this job worthwhile.


Hello! My name is Satoshi Ishiyama from Holistic Body Works TEATEYA Seitai Therapy Clinic.


From my childhood to college, I was devoted to soccer, and my life revolved around soccer. I even had ambitions to make a living playing football!

However, since my early 20s, I have been suffering from unexplained back pain and knee pain, making it difficult for me to continue playing soccer.


Despite visiting hospitals and chiropractic clinics, the cause of his pain remained unknown, and the treatments he received only made it worse.

At that time, it was not the age of the Internet like it is now, so I was at a loss as there was little information on how to cure pain. I endured the pain while commuting to work, and continued working while going to the hospital for massage on my days off.

Then, one day, I received treatment at a Seitai-Therapy clinic, and to my surprise, my body changed significantly. I was amazed by their treatment and even more surprised by the pain relief.

I was overwhelmed by the experience and at first confused rather than happy. From that moment on, I decided that I wanted to pursue a similar career and decided to become a therapist.

Since then, I have been learning and gaining experience in treatment. In search of a cure for pain, I researched various methods and finally arrived at the root of pain therapy.


that is,

"There is no direct correlation between the location of pain and its cause."

For example, there is no cause in the waist when back pain.


Since then, the improvement rate of back pain has improved dramatically, and we have received favorable comments from many patients.

However, at many treatment facilities, patients complaining of low back pain often receive treatment only for the affected area, resulting in temporary relief without significant improvement.

In addition, the patient was told by the doctor, "Without surgery, the back pain will not improve." However, there are many patients who want to avoid surgery.


Therefore, I wanted to help those who have such troubles, so I created the ideal Seitai Therapy Clinic specialising in chronic pain.

Through my treatment, I strongly hope to help those who have not seen significant improvement despite temporary relief from other treatments, or who have been unable to find other solutions. increase.

We believe that the Seitai world has no limits.


We will continue to explore and research information that is useful for the human body, health, and treatment on a daily basis.

This is my joy, pride and life.


If you have low back pain, stiff shoulders, tendonitis, migraines, etc. in The Hague, the Netherlands, please leave it to us.

If you have low back pain, stiff shoulders, tendonitis, migraines, etc. in The Hague, the Netherlands, please leave it to us.

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