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Treatment flow 

<Treatment that does not just remove pain>

We will help you to enhance the natural healing power that everyone originally has.

The body is connected by muscles, fascia, skeleton, etc.

The treatment uses the characteristics and connections of the muscles and fascia. Since we think that "the place where the symptom appears is the result, not the cause", we approach the symptom without touching the affected area.

Therefore, we do not examine only the lower back because of back pain, and only the knee because of knee pain, and even if we have migraine, we examine the balance of the whole body.

We try to give the minimum necessary stimulation, so we do not push or rub it strongly. Due to the characteristics of muscles, strong stimulation may damage your health, so do not do it.

Therefore, it can be used regardless of age or gender.

Also, it is not just intended to relieve pain.

This pain is a result of many years of accumulation, so even if it seems to have improved with a single treatment, it will return to normal after a few days.

That's because the brain remembers a painful, distorted body. To improve it, we recommend that you continue to maintain your body on a regular basis. This will help you build a healthier and more comfortable body.


<Flow of treatment>

■ Treatment time

First time: Approximately 60 to 80 minutes (First time, we will conduct sufficient interviews and tests to confirm the cause of pain before the procedure)

Second and subsequent times: Approximately 40-60 minutes


We will thoroughly ask you in detail about your symptoms, how to use your body in daily life and work, lifestyle, illness, hospital visit history, past medical history, etc.

We will ask you about the cause of the deterioration and what you are worried about in your daily life and confirm and explain it.

It doesn't matter what the trivial worries are. Please do not hesitate to talk as it may be a factor.

≪Inspect movement≫

Let's identify the cause of the pain. We will inspect what kind of movement causes pain, increases it, or reduces it.


We will adjust the muscles that are the key to chronic pain found by the test. We will balance the muscles and the whole body with a treatment that does not burden the body with minimal stimulation.


Exercise and one-point advice will speed up your recovery.

Even after the pain has eased, we will do simple exercises, etc., and we will check the progress regularly. 


7 Reasons to Choose Our Hospital

Reason 1 Because the true cause of low back pain can be clarified and radical treatment can be received.


I had the opportunity to see many people with low back pain by the method of the Japan Pain Rehabilitation Association.

In many low back pain treatments, the pain when bending is here, the pain when bending is here, the pain when twisting is here, the pain when sitting is here, the pain when walking is here. I'm only looking at "backache", like here. Certainly this will improve your back pain a little. However, I think the effect did not last long and was temporary. We do not perform any treatments aimed solely at such ad hoc improvements.

Reason 2 Because each patient has the skills to identify the cause of back pain


Why can I improve patients with such chronic low back pain? That's a very simple reason. This is because it is possible to find out "where is the cause of pain for each patient?" Before performing the procedure.


Being able to find the true cause of pain ... it refers to the fundamental part of back pain treatment. Unless the treatment is performed for the real cause, it will not lead to a certain result.


Which place should be treated as a flow to improve low back pain? How long will the procedure be performed? All of this is done after you have a good idea of what is causing the pain.


When improving low back pain, it is not the same as treating it suddenly just because it hurts. After knowing where to perform the treatment on the body, the real treatment will start.


When treating low back pain in this way, it is wrong to suddenly massage the lower back or perform electrical treatment on the lower back. Your worries that "I've been through various manipulative clinics but my back pain doesn't improve" are, after all, that the general manipulative clinics so far haven't been able to accurately assess the cause of your back pain. It's there. Back pain can only be cured by examining the cause of back pain for each patient and accurately understanding the cause of the pain.


At our hospital, you can pursue the true cause and receive treatment by conducting an accurate interview that specializes in low back pain that has been proven to be effective.


Since the treatment is delicate and focused, we place importance on the results for the patient and make a reservation system.



Reason 3 There is no waiting time because it is a complete reservation system, so you will not waste your precious time.


It is a complete reservation system at this hospital. Since you will come to the hospital after making a reservation in advance, you can start the treatment immediately without having to wait.



Reason 4 We are telling you about self-exercise for body building that does not cause "return" even after removing pain.


It is natural to greatly improve chronic low back pain, but it is not enough, but you can teach self-exercise after the pain is relieved, so you can minimize the return and return to a healthy daily life quickly. can.



Reason 5 Because the treatment is performed in a private room, it is an environment where you can feel free to ask about your worries.


In many manipulative clinics and osteopathic clinics, the beds are close to each other, so you can't feel free to worry or consult, and have you ever thought that you would be careful?

Since the treatment is performed in a private room, we have prepared an environment where you can directly deal with your worries.


We also pay attention to the cleanliness of the bed and the smell of the room, so we are trying to create an environment where you can relax both physically and mentally and receive the treatment.



Reason 6 I know why "pain" comes out and I specialize in chronic pain, so I can leave it to me with confidence.


I have been involved with many patients with low back pain, have held health seminars to lead a healthy life regardless of age or gender, and have always learned the forefront of pain treatment. is. Therefore, I have a lot of knowledge about chronic low back pain and I am proud that I can improve it.



Reason 7 I will take responsibility for your symptoms from start to finish.


At present, many people are working in many manipulative clinics and osteopathic clinics, and every time you go, another person is in charge and you may have to explain your painful symptoms over and over again. ..

There are so many such problems out there that I myself take responsibility for dealing with your symptoms from start to finish.

If you have low back pain, stiff shoulders, tendonitis, migraines, etc. in The Hague, the Netherlands , please leave it to us.

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