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An important signal in your body

In fact, pain and discomfort are grateful signs of anomalies somewhere in your body.

At such times, it is an opportunity to review your own lifestyle and look back on your life.

<From body distortion to illness>

Lifestyle habits such as breathing, eating, behaviour, and thinking always cause distortion of the body.

After that, joint distortion continues, and it appears as "dysesthesia" such as muscle tension and pain.

In addition, it affects the adjacent joint and causes "dysesthesia" from another joint.

Distortion of the body not only impairs the movement of muscles and joints, but also impairs fluid and blood circulation, compresses nerves, and causes dysfunction of internal organs.

If the dysfunction progresses further, symptoms that can be named after the disease will appear.

In other words, if you detect the sign of your body early and perform the treatment early, you can prevent the disease.

At Teateya, the body is comprehensively examined and treated, so it can be cured firmly.

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