Basic breathing exercises that use your stomach and chest properly

Proper use of your chest and abdomen will help you breathe properly.

It eliminates the situation where the chest and abdomen, which should move at the same time, move in a jerky manner.

It reduces the strain on the diaphragm and allows you to breathe properly.

= Point =

Be careful not to raise or lower your shoulders or bend your condition when breathing.

= How to do =

① You can sit on a chair, sit on the floor, or stand.

② Place your hands on your chest and abdomen. (Example: right hand on chest, left hand on belly)

③ Inhale through your nose, conscious of bulging forward at a certain height.

④ Exhale while checking that the chest and abdomen move in a constant state.

⑤ Exhale slowly and thinly, taking twice as long as when you inhale.

Do this 5 times, 3 sets.

Please do it slowly, accurately and recognizing that it is moving correctly.

Thank you for staying with us until the end.

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