Body distortion causes illness

Distortion of one joint, such as ankle, knee, pelvis, hips, and wrist, causes distortion of the next joint one after another.

The body is connected to one.

If the strain of one joint is left unattended, it will eventually affect the whole body in relation to gravity.

As the body balances the strain, it causes extra tension in other muscles.

And if this tension continues, blood vessels and nerves will be compressed, blood flow will deteriorate, and oxygen and nutrients will not reach the ends.

In addition, the position of internal organs is also compressed, and if it shifts, its function will not be fully exerted.

Therefore, it also leads to illness.

That is why our treatment examines not only the musculoskeletal system but also the internal organs.

Since the strain is linked, it is necessary to comprehensively examine the body.

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