Can you squat down?

Can you squat down? The number of people who can do this is decreasing.

Please check again. Is your heel on the ground? Are your heels floating?

If I can crouch with my legs open to the shoulder width, can I crouch with my legs thin?

The ideal is to put your feet on the ground and your heels on the ground and crouch.

Crouching looks like a simple movement, but multiple muscles and joints work together to play an important role in daily life.

Also, since the foot is the base of the body, the movement of the whole body changes by taking the hardness of the ankle.

Currently, ankle stiffness can have positive or negative effects, even in the absence of pain or discomfort.

In addition to pain and discomfort, it also regulates the range of motion of the body.

We comprehensively inspect and treat the body.

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