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Change your body by your consciousness.

Adjust Bowlegs with consciousness①

In bowlegs people, the body's centre of gravity is on the outside of both feet (the little finger side of the foot).

Unconscious habits cause this. It's a habit that has been completed over many years, but from today you can change your posture by changing your consciousness.

Regarding the adjustment of the legs, the place to be conscious is the arms.

It is important to be aware of your arms.

Adjust Bowlegs with consciousness②

In order to adjust Bowlegs consciously, it is important to be conscious of the arm.

What happens to your arms when you are standing normally?

Most people have their arms just hanging aside. In that state, your legs will open.

Now, while standing, try putting your hands together in front of your body.

Then you will naturally feel the centre of gravity on your big toe and your knees closed.

When you walk with both hands tied, you can feel that the centre

of gravity is on the inside.

Adjust Bowlegs with consciousness③

Untie the hands tied in front of your body and put only the fingertips of both hands together to make a "V".

Again, the centre of gravity will be on the big toes of both feet.

And this time, I will try this only with consciousness.

In a standing position

At first, imagine a triangle with an open bottom like an "A" in front of you.

Then, it feels like the centre of gravity of the foot is open to the outside.

Next, imagine the letter "V" in front of you.

Then you will feel as if the centre of gravity of your foot is open inward.

Just being aware of this will change your body.

Adjust Bowlegs with consciousness④

As I told you so far, your body changes just by being aware of it or not.

In Japan, there is a word that illness is created by thoughts and moods.

From that point of view, "consciousness," "body," and "illness" are considered to be related.

If you think you might catch a cold, you'll catch a cold,

If you think you might get hurt, you will get hurt

If you think that you will get fat if you eat this, you will get fat,

It means that you are unconsciously manipulated by the energy of "consciousness".

On the contrary, you can maintain your health by consciously controlling yourself.

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