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Distortion of Mind & Distortion of Body

When your mind is depressed, you don't want to do anything, and when your mind is up, you feel your body light.

From this, the mind and body are one, and the mind is considered to be a part of the body.

And if the mind is a part of the body, the body is distorted, and if the body is upset or hurts, it will be reflected in the mind.

A person who is physically uncomfortable cannot have a pleasant face and must have a dark and unpleasant face.

If your body decides NO for various things that happen in society, you will feel stress. And it causes strain on the body.

It means that the reaction of the body is reflected in the mind.

It means that the reaction of the body is reflected in the mind.

In addition, there is a word that illness is from the mind. Conversely, the influence of the mind is reflected on the body.

The stress of anxiety and anxiety can lead to distorted body.

However, if you do not feel stress in your mind or body, you will not have any physical problems.

It means that the mind (Feelings) and the body are closely related.

That is why the cause may not be identified by examining only the affected area just because of pain or discomfort. We must also consider the part of the body called the mind.

Thank you for your continued support until the end.

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