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How to improve tired eyes

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

In our daily life, we use computers and mobile phones all the time. For this reason, many people may think lightly that "tired eyes are a normal thing".

However, it is quite dangerous to underestimate it.

Severe "eye strain" can have a variety of negative effects on the entire body. A typical symptom is a headache.

"Eyestrain" and "eyestrain" are medically considered to be different.

Eye fatigue is improved by resting the eyes and sleeping.

"Asthenopia" refers to a stubbornly prolonged condition that does not improve even with rest and sleep. Asthenopia not only causes eye fatigue but also affects the whole body, causing headaches, stiff shoulders, fatigue and dizziness.

We do not rely on over-the-counter drugs, and we introduce methods that can be easily and easily improved using things and methods that are as close to nature as possible.

For tired eyes, we recommend using eye drops made from natural salt.

This is exactly how I do it myself and find it effective. Natural salt is great as a seasoning, but it is also a versatile item for your health.

However, it is limited to natural, unrefined salt.

(You need to be careful when choosing salt at the supermarket. Most cheap salt is not natural salt. )

<How to make natural salt eye drops>

Natural salt 1g

Water 100g

Mix this to make 1% brine.

Apply eye drops 1 to 3 times a day.

If you have tired eyes or dry eyes, I think it stings your eyes, but it is very effective.

In my case, on the night when my eyes feel tired, I apply eye drops after taking a bath, and the next day I feel refreshed.

Also, if you have dry hands in winter, washing your hands with natural salt will improve the dryness.

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