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Do this to prevent migraines

Easy self-care for people with migraines.

Massage from the center of the hairline of the forehead to the top of the head by rubbing left and right with the four fingers of one hand.

At the joint between the bones of the head, lightly rub it with the image of scattering the accumulated waste products.

It may be hard and painful at first.

Still, it is not a strong force, it is light and gentle, and it takes time to loosen it.

If you set a time every day and try it, you will get a great effect.

I would like you to try it not only for those who have migraines, but also for those who have a tired head, who are heavy, and who have stiff neck and shoulders.

Not only this, there are various places to relax.

The head is also a part of the body, so if you loosen it, it will spread to the whole body.

I will tell you again.

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