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Exercise to improve neck pain and discomfort

Exercise to improve neck pain and discomfort

Sternum + breathing + exercise

We are going to introduce an easy exercise for people who have neck pain or discomfort.

Let's check your current neck condition before doing this exercise.

First lookup.

At that time, check as follows,

・the visible range of the ceiling,

・Where the discomfort or pain is

・Where poor movement is

To improve movement with sternum, breathing and neck movements.

If you touch the sternum, there should be a painful part. if it is stiff, then it may restrict the movement of the neck.

Lightly rub it up, down, left and right with a painless force.

・While rubbing the sternum, slowly move your neck up and down.

・Look up while inhaling.

・Look down while exhaling.

Repeat this 10 times.

After that, let's check how the movement of the neck has changed.

If your face and ceiling are parallel, your exercise is successful.

If not, try exercising again.

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