Fire, Fire Alarm and Distorted Body

For example, let's say you have a fire and the alarm is on.

At this time, even if you turn off the alarm, the fire will not go out.

The same can be said for the relationship between physical strain and pain and discomfort.

When you have pain in a certain part of your body, somewhere in your body is distorted and an "alarm" is sounding asking you to heal the distortion.

So, trying to get rid of the pain and trying to get rid of the painful area is just trying to stop the sound of the alarm, and the original cause is not fixed at all.

It's the same as taking medicine or putting a compress on it, just covering the pain and discomfort and making it invisible. Nothing has been resolved to the main cause.

However, if the distortion of the original cause is improved, it makes no sense to sound the alarm, so all the pain alarms will disappear.



























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