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How to release the tension of the heart

The body changes depending on how you hold your mind.

If you are positive, your thoughts, actions, and body will change positively. If you are negative, it changes to negative.

The mind and body are connected, so the mind affects the body. And vice versa, the body can affect the mind.

You may feel nervous or tired.

Perhaps mental exhaustion may be more painful than physical exhaustion or tension.

There is an improvement method in such a case. That is breathing.

Breathing is inhaling and exhaling. And exhaling is important.

Breathing is inhaling and exhaling. And it is important to exhale.

By exhaling carefully for a long time, it calms the mind and body, promotes the circulation of body fluids, and balances them.

Inhale from the nose for 4 seconds and exhale thinly and long from the mouth for 10 seconds or more.

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