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I have bad physical movement but what if you don't have any pain?

Give me a little time for everyone!

I want you to check your current physical movements.

I want people who have no pain at all to check it.

・ Straighten your arms and slowly raise them from the front to the top. Do your arms go up behind your ears?

・ Slowly twist your body from side to side. Can you twist the left and right as much?

・ Please step on the spot. Is the thigh easy to raise? Will it go up as much on the left and right?

It is normal that the left and right can be moved in the same way.

If you don't, there is some distortion in your body.

And if you leave it, it may come out as pain somewhere.

Even if you have a problem with your movement, it is a good chance to improve when you are not in pain.

We recommend that you respond firmly now.

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