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It will start to move naturally

If you move your body from a place where it is easy to move, it will start to move naturally.

The reason why a part of the body is difficult to move or does not move is because of the physical circumstances, so you should not force it to move.

For example, some people try to move their neck when it hurts, but they don't have to.

From the point of view that the body is connected to one, it is thought that the parts that are easy to move and the parts that are difficult to move are also connected.

Therefore, if you move from a part that is easy to move, the part that is difficult to move is actually moving secretly.

If you move it comfortably from where it moves, it will start to move naturally.

Conversely, if you try to move it forcibly, your body will repel and you will not be able to move.

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