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Knee hyperextension

Are your knees okay? It may occur on both knees or only one knee. Let's check it out.

Knee hyperextension

The knee is extended too much in the opposite direction.

It attempts to stabilize the knee by bending and fixing the knee beyond the normal range of motion of the knee joint. Therefore, the burden on the knee joint increases.

As a result, it strongly affects not only the knee joint but also the posture, and it is easy to cause various symptoms on the lower back, neck, shoulders, feet, etc.

<Symptoms caused by Knee hyperextension>

① Knee pain, lower back pain and stiff shoulders occur

② The calves and the back of the knees are easy to get tired.

③ The lower half of the body is easily swollen

④ Become an Arched back

⑤ get tired as soon as you walk

⑥The foot will be deformed in the future

By improving Knee hyperextension

① Discomfort is improved: Back pain, stiff shoulders and stiff neck are relieved.

② Posture improvement: The appearance changes and the impression changes!

③ Diet effect: Improves lymphatic flow, reduces swelling, and makes the body easier to lose weight! !!

Knee hyperextension may be the cause of long-standing back pain and stiff shoulders.

We can also improve such symptoms.

Please feel free to contact us.

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