Know the connection of the body and cure it fundamentally

One of the features of our treatment is the treatment using the connection of the body. By using "body connections" such as fascia and muscles, we can find the root cause of your pain. Also, we don't have to touch the painful area and you can feel at ease.

What exactly is it?

I would like to introduce a case of ankle pain that hurts for more than a month even though I don't remember twisting my leg.

The pain doesn't go away when you rest, the pain goes up and down repeatedly, and it doesn't hurt when you move your ankle, but it hurt when you walk.

As a result of various tests, the muscles in the buttocks were the cause of the pain, and when the muscles were adjusted, the pain in the ankles disappeared.

In most cases, there is no cause in the painful area.

However, the cause varies are depends person, so interviews and tests are important.

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