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Posture improvement in a minute

He told me that there was always a place to hurt after exercising, so I taught him how to fix it.

I was worried about his posture, so I just told him to move the center of gravity to the correct position and asked him to do it himself.

I just told him ”how to stand”, without any treatment and without touching him.

Previous: He is in a forward tilt position.

(Actually, the centre of gravity has changed a little because it was taken by teaching how to stand. At first, he was in a more forward tilt posture.)

After: You can stand upright.

(he consciously changed his centre of gravity himself.)

It is his comment after changing the way of standing.

"It's just this ?? It's been less than a minute since I heard how to do it, right?

I think my body is changed. I feel like I'm standing naturally. Also, I didn't say it at the beginning, but I was surprised that the discomfort in my neck and shoulders that I had been worried about for a long time disappeared."

Of course, this condition is not perfect.

There are various parts that need to be adjusted.

It means that you can easily change your body just by adjusting the center of gravity with your own consciousness.

A good standing posture will improve your athletic performance.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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