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Reaction to mistakes and failures

Thank you for visiting Teateya's blog today.

I hope it helps someone today as well.

Some people get angry at mistakes and mistakes.

I was the same.

I get angry because I can't do what I want.

I should have left it to others, but if it's different from what I thought it was, or if it wasn't what I thought it would be, I would get angry, say sarcasm, or instruct me to do it.

I haven't left it at all. .. ..

If you get angry at what happened in the past, nothing will change.

And when you get angry, you get a negative atmosphere for hours or days after that, such as being in a bad mood.

So, at one point I thought like this.

Did the final anger resolve the cause of the anger?

Even though nothing has been solved or even changed, I am wasting my time before and after that happened and living negatively.

This is useless. .. ..

I think it's a huge waste of time. .. ..

I was so trapped in the past that nothing changed, and I thought it would be as wasteful as living with a negative.

I have a choice of life that is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible, so I would like to choose that.

Of course, you should be self-assertive when it comes to change when you get angry or protest.

Thank you for staying with us until the end.

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