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Easy exercise for tired eyes ①

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

This is an introduction to eye strain relief exercises that you should try if your eyes get tired from life or work.

It's easy, so please try it.

◎ Stretching the eyes

Move your eyes to improve blood flow and improve tired eyes.

"Either way with your eyes open or closed is fine."

・Move your eyes left and right without moving your face.

・Move it 5 times in the order of right → upper right → upper left → lower left → lower right.

・Move 5 times in order of left → upper left → upper right → lower right → lower left.

◎ Stretching eyes ②

・Put up your index finger about 10 cm away from your nose.

・Look at the first joint of the index finger.

・Keep looking at the first joint while moving your index finger away from your face or moving it closer to your face.

Do this slowly.

Please try it.

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