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Treatment methods of Teateya

For example, ankle sprains, which are often thought of as minor injuries, can also affect the entire body with such small end-to-body injuries.

Have you ever sprained your ankle in the past, but left it alone because the pain was gone?

In fact, it's a common story for people who have back pain or shoulder pain now.

Like a building, if the foundation is not solid, the building above will not be stable.

The same is true for our bodies. The feet are the base of the body.

If the angle of the base shifts even a little, the position of the head will shift considerably. In extreme cases, you will fall down. To prevent this, we try to balance the front, back, right, and left in different parts of the body. That is distortion.

Small distortions are also linked and spread throughout the body.

The body reacts immediately. Balance elsewhere to quickly cover inconvenient conditions.

If A is distorted, B will balance and C will also balance A and B. It repeats throughout the body.

And it appears as pain in the weak part of the body.

Therefore, it is the reason why it becomes painful again just by treating the painful part.

You must find and improve the original distortion, not the new one.

For example, a person suffering from shoulder pain may be affected by the distortion of the lower body such as ankles and knees, and may have been affecting the neck and shoulders in the'far distant parts'for a long time.

Therefore, even if you try to get rid of neck and shoulder pain, treating the neck and shoulders should not lead to good results because the cause is distortion of the ankles and other parts.

Since various muscles and joints are involved, identifying the root cause and treating it will dramatically change the body.

However, it is necessary to treat patiently because the brain has been inputting the wrong physical condition for a long time.

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