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Why knee pain and back pain occur

Why knee pain and back pain occur

When it becomes a Knee hyperextension, the knee continues to bend to the opposite side. As a result, the warped knee is heavily burdened to support the weight.

The cause of Knee hyperextension is often that the muscles of the lower limbs of the knee are weak and cannot be supported.

Therefore, the triceps surae (calf) becomes tense when it becomes Knee hyperextension.

This also puts stress on the hamstrings (the muscles behind the thighs).

As a result, only the muscles behind the body are stretched and the pelvis leans forward.

In order to keep that balance, the lower back bends and causes back pain.

If you try to relieve the back pain, you may get stooped.

However, although young women are less likely to have back pain and knee pain, they may become like Bowlegs and have difficulty walking.

The calves and the back of the knees are more likely to get tired.

The calf muscles are stretched, which makes the calf more tired.

If that condition continues, stiffness in the back of the knee is likely to occur.

・Lower body becomes easier to swell.

Stiffness in the calves and back of the knee compresses blood vessels and lymph glands in the lower body, impairing blood flow and lymphatic flow.

As a result, the body's water accumulates in the lower body, making it easier to swell.

Swayback posture & hunched back

Due to the knee hyperextension, it becomes a swayback posture and hunched back, and it may cause pain.

The knee hyperextension affects the pelvis. Then, the waist bends to compensate for it, and the back often bends to compensate for it.

People with stoops often have problems with their pelvis and knee joints.

However, on the contrary, if you try too hard to improve your posture, your pelvis will tilt forward (warped hips) and your knees will overextend, so be careful. Pelvic anteversion can cause back pain.

Due to the tension in the calves and the tension in the lower back, it is easy to get tired as soon as you walk.

When you get tired, you will walk while stretching your knees, and the bones around your knees will be distorted.

In addition, blood flow in the lower half of the body is also poor, so waste products tend to accumulate and recovery from fatigue is delayed.

When the knee warps, the hip and knee joints naturally twist inward.

Then, the knee, which was initially warped backward, gradually deforms to the lateral warp due to the twist of the hip joint.

There are many other disadvantages, such as the impression of appearance and the tendency to get injured.

Posture improvement and diet effect

When the knee is overextended, the pelvis tilts forward, causing strain throughout the body. It can cause back pain, stiff shoulders, neck pain and knee pain.

Conversely, if you can improve your Knee hyperextension, your symptoms will improve and your posture will improve.

By improving your posture, your impression of appearance will change significantly.

It also improves stiffness, reduces swelling, improves lymphatic flow and helps the body lose weight.

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