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​住所:Zoutmanstraat 51C, 2518 GM, Den Haag Netherland
TEL: 0657165663



Here are some frequently asked questions at our hospital.

<Can it be cured once? >

What I can do is balance your muscles and skeleton, give advice on improving your daily life, and help your body's healing system work better by balancing your mind and body with the providence of nature.

The root cause of your symptoms is your daily habits.

What kind of food you eat, what you feel, what kind of body you use, etc. are deeply related to your symptoms, so we also give advice on improving your life along with the manipulative treatment. ..

As a result of undergoing manipulative treatment, some people improve their symptoms after receiving only one treatment and do not relapse after that. In addition, although it will be easier to receive manipulative treatment, some people will relapse after a while.

Many people will feel the effects of our treatment, but please understand that there are individual differences in the degree of recovery and improvement.

In addition, depending on the type and degree of symptoms, we may refuse the manipulative treatment or recommend that you visit a medical institution.

<○○, but will it be cured? >

I have backache, can it be cured?
I have a pain in my knee, can it be cured?
We may receive such inquiries. To be honest, I can't say anything without actually seeing it. Even with the same symptoms, different constitutions and lifestyles are different.

Even if the symptoms are the same, the causes vary from person to person.

In addition, since our hospital is a folk remedy manipulative clinic, it is prohibited by law to diagnose whether it will be cured or not.
After asking the symptoms in detail, I can tell you an example of how a patient who was suffering from similar symptoms improved.

Basically, any person's body has the power to heal.
And it is my role to help bring out that power.

<Doesn't it hurt? >

We do not perform any unpleasant treatments. We will perform a comfortable treatment.

Discomfort is a stimulus that is accompanied by discomfort, such as pain, pain, or discomfort. I think that such stimulation worsens the symptoms, so I do not perform treatments that endure the pain.
You will only feel a comfortable stimulus. Comfortable stimuli include pleasant, relaxing, and weak stimuli. It hurts a little, but it feels good, and the feeling that it feels painful is OK.

On the contrary, this hospital is not suitable for those who require strong stimulation.
When a strong stimulus is given to the muscle, the muscle responds defensively and becomes stiff. And if you continue to do that, it will become a factor to build stiff muscles, and as a result, you will build a body that is difficult to improve.
We do not perform any treatment that gives a strong stimulus to the stiff muscles and gives a feeling of temporary relief.
We believe that it is the role of our hospital to fundamentally improve the cause of pain and help restore a comfortable life.

<What kind of treatment?>

Our treatment may be different from the general image of manipulative treatment because it does not only massage or stretch the affected area but also does not cause the bones to bounce.

In addition, since the treatment is performed according to the person's condition and symptoms at that time, it is a completely custom-made treatment.

◎ It doesn't hurt

◎ Do not simply irritate the affected area

◎ Pleasant stimulation

◎ Use the connections of the body such as myofascia to ease the affected area.

◎ Even for the same person, the treatment content differs depending on the condition at that time.

◎ The treatment time is not fixed. Reduce the burden on the body in the shortest possible time.

Since the treatment uses the connection of muscles, it may seem that it is an unrelated part, but it may be the cause of pain. We will focus on the examination, so we will listen to you in detail during the interview.

For example, the cause of shoulder pain may be the foot.

<How long does it take? >

Our hospital does not divide by the manipulative treatment and time according to the manual.

Avoid unnecessary irritation as much as possible, and perform the treatment according to the person's current condition.

I try to improve more naturally and without straining my body.

At the first visit, the flow of interviews, examinations, treatments, explanations, and advice will take about 60 to 80 minutes. In particular, interviews, examinations, and explanations will be conducted in detail.

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