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I wanted to know sooner if it changed so much!

Q: What kind of problems did you have before you came to Teateya?


Whenever I got tired, my back hurts, and I continued to work with patience, and at night it was painful and painful if I didn't get my wife to massage me, and I couldn't sleep.


Q: What have you been doing for that painful back pain?


For the time being, I went to the orthopedic surgery and took an X-ray, and I was told that there was nothing more than the bones and that I should take medicine and a compress to rest. Although I was resting outside of work, I felt pain immediately after work, and I took medicine and put a compress on it, but I felt that my lower back pain did not improve.

In addition, I went to the osteopathic clinic, but soon I had pain again.


Q: Is there anything different from the others?


I've often been to other manipulative treatments, but when I told him that my back hurts, I suddenly rubbed my back and just applied electricity to my waist. He didn't ask for details.

At first, I was surprised that the cause was in a different place, and I was also surprised to know that the internal organs were one of the causes. I've never had such a treatment before.

Q: How is it now?

I'm really comfortable. Also, I no longer have to worry about pain. Now I can sleep well at night. The body is of course comfortable, and the way of thinking is somewhat positive.

I'm happy.

Q: Did you have any concerns while receiving the treatment?

I knew that it would take time to improve because there are things that I have accumulated over the years, but I was worried on the way. However, I believed and received it with the encouragement of my teacher. I'm really glad I received it.

Q: Please give a message to those who are suffering from the same back pain.


I was very worried until I visited here, and I felt like I finally made up my mind and contacted him, but I regret that I should have come earlier if I could get rid of this pain.

Anyway, I think you should come here and see Dr. Ishiyama as soon as possible!


Do you have such troubles?

If there is even one, Teateya will help you.

☆ No matter where you go or what you do

☆ I don't know the exact cause, and the doctor treats me properly.

☆ It will improve temporarily, but it will return soon.

☆ I'm giving up that my back pain won't improve anymore

☆ When I wake up in the morning, my back hurts and I can't move

☆ I can't keep up with my favorite sport

☆ I can't concentrate on my work or study

☆ My legs are numb and I can't walk a long distance

I will tell you straightforwardly.


If you are worried as above now,

If you want to get better somewhere in your heart right now! If you think that, why don't you try to improve the painful chronic pain fundamentally at Holistic Bodyworks Teateya about it?


If you think "it can't be cured so easily!", You can close this page now...

It's a waste of precious time in your life.


However, if you think "I want to hear a little more", please proceed slowly to the page.


In fact, those with chronic pain who came to Holistic Bodyworks Teateya are getting such a surprising change ...

The patient's voice sent to us

Coming today, my first voice has improved to the point of saying, "Wow, there is no pain!"
Mr T, Nakatsu City

If you are suffering from back pain, it will be cured if you come here, so early treatment is recommended.
Mr. S, Nakatsu City

The painful back pain when I woke up in the morning disappeared, and every day started very happily!
Buzen City O

The hip pain that doctors have told me will never heal is gone!
Yufu City E

I was suffering from a headache, but as I was undergoing the treatment, I realized that the pain gradually disappeared!
​ Buzen City I

If you are suffering from back pain, please come visit us. I think it's definitely worth it.
​ Usa City S

He gave me a thorough examination and treatment for the cause of the pain and told me why my back pain was occurring.
​ Oita City I

He was a very friendly person, easy to talk to, talked about his worries, and was able to receive treatment with peace of mind.
​ Mr. T, Kunisaki City

It was not only superficial, but also gave me a sense of security and trust that I could see from the inside.
​ Mr. M, Nakatsu City

My profile

I will tell you my thoughts

Through my own treatment, I would like to help people who do not improve even after receiving various treatments at hospitals and those who do not know where to go.

I want all the people involved to live happily with a smile without suffering.


Hello! My name is Ishiyama and I am Teateya.


From childhood to student days, I was serious about soccer and lived mainly in soccer. I will live in soccer! It was also the momentum.

However, since my early twenties, I have been suffering from low back pain and it has become difficult to continue playing soccer.

Even if I go to the hospital, I don't know the cause, and even if I go to the osteopathic clinic or the chiropractic clinic, it gets worse and worse. Did.

Having had that back pain, I became a member of society and worked at a hotel. When I couldn't take a day off because of my work, I had to commute to work while enduring severe pain. I continued to work while deceiving my pain, and I continued to go to the manipulative clinic and osteopathic clinic on my days off.

One day, the treatment I received at a manipulative clinic clearly changed my body. I was surprised at the completely different treatment method, and I was more surprised than happy that the pain was gone, and I was confused.



I couldn't forget that impression, and I wanted to do such a job, so I decided to go on to become a therapist. From then on, every day I study hard while gaining experience in the procedure.


Then, while studying various methods desperately with the desire to cure, I finally arrived at the root of the definitive pain treatment.


that is…



"There is no cause in the painful area."



Since then, the improvement rate of low back pain in the field has improved significantly, and many patients have expressed their joy.


However, in the treatment clinics in the world, in response to the complaint that "backache hurts", only "backache" is treated, and as a result, backache cannot be sufficiently improved and many people receive ad hoc treatment. is.

Also, even though it was said that "your back pain will not improve except for surgery", many people want to avoid surgery.


Therefore, I wanted to help those who have such troubles, so I created an ideal manipulative clinic that specializes in chronic pain.

Through my own treatment, I have a desire to help people who do not improve easily by receiving ad hoc treatments and those who do not improve wherever they go.

I think there is no end to the world of manipulative treatment. Every day in the future, that of the body, that of health, be useful in things such as the treatment will continue to always continue to learn looking for.


I think this is my "volunteer".

If you have low back pain, stiff shoulders, tendonitis, migraines, etc. in The Hague, the Netherlands , please leave it to us.

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